New internet hoax coming your way

Facebook is a nice medium if you want to spread good stuff like links, videos etc. More problematic is the fact the Facebook users seem to swallow all kinds of internet hoaxes without even checking the content with a quick Google search. Getting closer to Christmas, I am pretty sure that the Christmas Tree virus hoax will flood Facebook – as always when the Facebook users start spreading the news.

Why don’t you take a quick look at, where you can find the typical post for this hoax.

WARNING!!!!!!…..DO NOT USE THE Christmas Tree application on Facebook. Please be advised it will crash your computer. Geek squad says, «It’s one of the WORST Trojan-viruses there is and it is spreading quickly.» Re-post and let your friends know!

Users think they are doing the right thing when they warn other users, but in fact they are just a part of the «deal» – spreading the shit over the entire web. In fact this hoax is spreading faster than any of the real Facebook viruses at the time.

Please don’t share virus warnings with your online friends until you have checked them with a credible source – normally it is enough to use a search engine.

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