How to embed voki in the twinspace on eTwinning

If you are using eTwinning and would like to embed a voki in the TwinSpace, you will soon find out that it is quite impossible – at least at first. Probably you got to this blog because you were frustrated and googled the right combination of words. Well, here is a quick user manual on how to embed a voki in the TwinSpace.

I am not going to explain what eTwinning or TwinSpace ist, because I guess you already know.

1. You have made your voki and want to publish the code (embed the code). You will need to copy the embed code. It is the long object-shochwave-flash-bla-bla-text like this:


The problem is that the editor in TwinSpace is too stupid to know what to extract from this code, so you need to do the job.

2. Look at the code again (marked in red) and copy this part from your own voki code:


3. You will change the code to the following:


And now you have the code to embed in your TwinSpace. The only thing you really did was to extract a part of the voki code, change the word embed to iframe and put a </frame> in the end of the embed code.

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