Tocumen international airport Panama – Water is a real killer

At Tocumen international airport in Panama city you shouldn’t be an idiot to buy soft drinks to bring on the airplane, not even when you have entered the gate area.

In the beginning you expect the international (stupid) way of security control where you need to get rid of liquids, guns, knives etc.

I can understand why. It’s probably because the security people and those who invented the rules are low educated dumb asses who cannot tell the difference between a bottle of water and explosives.

Okay, so we are at the airport in Panama and want to travel to Amsterdam. We check-in our luggage in the main building, walk through passport and boarding card control, then get our hand luggage checked by the normal security scans.

After that you are free to buy all kinds of stuff before you enter the plane. Tocumen airport is really a boring place, so try not to have too many hours inside this building. It seems to me that people in Panama love mobile phones, hot dogs and exclusive clothes. All the shops are the same.

We wondered why we couldn’t find many stores to buy soft drinks, food, newspapers or books to  bring on the plane. Now we know. (Edit: lousy signs – seems that everything is upstairs).

At gate 23 – waiting to board the KLM flight to Amsterdam – we had to go through another security check. Both passports, boarding cards, custom cards and of course our hand luggage was checked yet another time.

Guess what: Our bottles were pulled out of our hand luggage – not allowed to bring on the plane.

So please tell me, morons: How can it be possible for me to go through one security scan where fluids have to be disposed of, in the transit area make some kind of bomb with the dangerous water I can buy in the transfer area and then enter a plane?

No, there can only be one reason: You security people collect bottle of soft drinks and water for the poor people of Panama, so they don’t have to drink the shitty water of the Panama canal. Or maybe the security people are smarter than I think: maybe they bring the bottles back to the store to sell  them once again.

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  1. can you believe that the situation has not changed. It’s 2022 and you wrote this post in 2013. A real bunch of idiots.

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