My top 3 vegan restaurants in Budapest, Hungary

Best vegan restaurant in Budapest

When we travel, I am always looking for top vegan restaurants, so here are my top 3 vegan restaurants in Budapest, Hungary!

During this last summer, we spent some time in Budapest because of the Fina World Championship in swimming. My family and I are vegetarians, but also enjoy vegan food when it is available.

After a week of testing, eating, enjoying and wondering we put together a list of our favourite vegan restaurants in Budapest.

All of these restaurants serve only vegan food, so you do not have to worry, to ask and not get the answers you need.

We also visited other restaurants to eat vegetarian food, but I know how frustrating it can be to search for okay vegan restaurants in Budapest, Hungary. I am sure if you are vegan, you know the feeling.

My top 3 vegan restaurants in Budapest, Hungary:

No. 3 96 Zen Etterem

This place is not so much of a restaurant, but there are tables both in- and outside. Interesting concept where you choose the size of the plate and tell the waiter what you want to put on the plate. Then they heat it in the microwave, but everything tasted fresh.

96zen - vegan restaurants in Budapest

No. 2 Kozmosz vegan restaurant

Nice and small restaurant where they serve rich portions to fair prices. We tried the burger and the barbecue seitan plate – great food.

Kozmosz vegan restaurant - vegan restaurants in Budapest

No. 1 Napfényes Restaurant and Pastry Shop

This is definitely my hot spot for everybody who wants to enjoy a nice vegan meal in perfect surroundings. Go all the way through the back to sit in the sofas – after a cheap and healthy meal you just want to lie down and have a rest before you walk on through Budapest.

Napfényes - vegan restaurants in Budapest

By the way, if you are ever in Drammen, Norway (close to Oslo, only about 35 minutes by train) and would like to eat vegan food – you should visit Soi Saam restaurant – in March 2017 they started serving vegan thai food – you can read about my testing in this article (in Norwegian).

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